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Jones & Bartlett Learning

Jones & Bartlett Learning

Przedstawiamy kilka najbardziej interesujących propozycji wydawnictwa Jones & Bartlett Learning. Wydawnictwo z USA publikuje znakomite podręczniki dla słuchaczy szkół wyższych z różnych dziedzin. Ceny konkurencyjne!

Nutrition Psychology: Improving Dietary Adherence

Cena: 157.00 zł


Nutrition Psychology: Improving Dietary Adherence

Melinda Blackman, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, California State University, Fullerton, California, Colleen Kvaska, MA, RD, CDE, Adjunct Faculty, Department of Health Science & Kinesiology, California State University, Fullerton, California

ISBN: 9780763780401


248 Pages

© 2011

Will Publish: March 2010


Nutrition Psychology: Improving Dietary Adherence presents prominent psychological theories that are known to drive human eating behavior, and reveal how these models can be transformed into proactive strategies for adhering to healthy dietary regimens. The number of diet books in the trade market continues to rise daily, but what is interesting to note is obesity and the prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes continues to rise as well. From this evidence, we can deduce that these dietary approaches are not fully effective. One could say that there is a missing link between eating a healthy prescribed diet and maintaining that final goal. The missing link, which has been overlooked until now, is managing one’s compliance to their diet or health plan. This text will provide students with the psychological tools regarding how to maintain the intended dietary plan. Understanding the extent to which the brain, the situation/environment and biology play in our adherence to a healthy dietary regimen, long-term success adhering to a dietary regimen can be achieved. This text brings a cross-disciplinary perspective/solution for adhering to a healthy dietary program, valuable to a variety of healthcare students and practitioners. The text incorporates both a theoretical and applied approach. Case study examples further illustrate the correct application of psychological methods. These examples will help develop the student or practitioner's own self-diagnosing skills of appropriate eating strategies as well as understanding others'.


Learning Objectives

Become familiar with four general factors/persectives that are known to drive human behavior. Develop an expertise in identifying when one (and which one) of these factors is responsible for one's non-compliance to a diet/nutrition plan. Gain actual practice in applying the appropriate psychological strategy to increase health plan adherence. Increase knowledge of research on the best practices in diet adherence. Increase understanding of the complexity of eating behavior/adherence and the need for forethought. Integration of theory, research and practice/application, with regard to health plan adherence. Decision-making and problem-solving skills in making a diagnosis and understanding which adherence strategy should be implemented.

Język angielski

A Journey into Partial Differential Equations,

Cena: 176.00 zł


A Journey into Partial Differential Equations

William O Bray, PhD, University of Maine

ISBN: 9780763772567

Hardcover   400 Pages   © 2012


Ideal for the 1-term course, A Journey into Partial Differential Equations provides a solid introduction to PDEs for the undergraduate math, engineering, or physics student.  The text focuses on the classical trinity of equations including the wave, heat/diffusion, and LaPlace's equations, discussing the concepts and methodologies of each. It provides careful treatment of the separation of variables and the Fourier method, motivated by the geometrical notion of symmetries. The author places emphasis on both the qualitative and quantitative methods, as well as geometrical perspectives.  With hundred of exercises and a wealth of figures, A Journey into Partial Differential Equations proves to be the model book for the PDE course.

Język angielski

Biophysics: Perspectives on the Living State,

Cena: 176.00 zł


Biophysics: Perspectives on the Living State

J.R. Claycomb, PhD, Houston Baptist University, Jonathan Tran, Houston Baptist University

ISBN-13: 9780763779986

Hardcover  400 Pages © 2011


Designed for biology, physics, and medical students, Introductory Biophysics: Perspectives on the Living State, provides a comprehensive overview of the complex subject of biological physics. The companion CD, with MATLAB examples and the student version of QuickFieldTM, allows the student the opportunity to perform biophysical simulations and the ability to modify the textbook example files.  Included in the text are computer simulations of thermodynamics, astrobiology, the response of living cells to external fields, chaos in population dynamics, numerical models of evolution, electrical circuit models of cell suspension, gap junctions, and neuronal action potentials.

Język angielski

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