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Oxford University Press - fiozofia, socjologia

Przedstawiamy kilka propozycji wydawnictwa Oxford University Press z dziedziny filozofii i socjologii. Ceny 15% poniżej cen katalogowych wydawcy!
Marvelous Minds. The discovery of what children know,

Cena: 55.00 zł


Marvelous Minds. The discovery of what children know

Michael Siegal | Paperback | 04 February 2010

• Looks at children from a variety of cultures, making the book relevant to those throughout the world

• Portrays children's development with illustrations and anecdotes as well as descriptions of key experimental studies, making the book accessible to a broad audience

• Focuses on the most important issues in research on child development today: children's knowledge of the distinction between appearance and reality, theory of mind, knowledge of astronomy and geography, food, health and hygiene, reasoning about life and death, number and arithmetic, and autism.

Język angielski

Prisoners in War,

Cena: 216.00 zł


Prisoners in War

Edited by Sibylle Scheipers | Hardback | 25 February 2010

• The only comprehensive book on prisoners in war

• Brings together contributions by leading scholars from the fields of history, international relations, law, and philosophy

The issue of prisoners in war is a highly timely topic that has received much attention from both scholars and practitioners since the start of the military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq and the ensuing legal and political problems concerning detainees in those conflicts. This book analyses these contemporary problems and challenges against the background of their historical development.

Język angielski

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